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Objective: To create a simple but compelling video for Yogurt Plus. Execution: We filmed the commercial on set at Yogurt Plus in Desert Ridge Phoenix AZ. We talked with the owner about the message he wanted to provide to his customers – that of being family friendly.Jordana and Jason, made filming easy, with little direction. The messaging and voice-over was done by our own Messaging Expert Dan Persigehl. The short thirty second commercial will be used on their website, social media and even in store promotions.
Joshua Herbison Interviews Sal Cartagine of Homes Tree Realty

Joshua Herbison Interviews Sal Cartagine

Unique Presentation

Idea Pro creates video content, online content and audio content unique to the industry. Your website design will “Pop” off the screen on every platform! Our messaging will help your business evoke an emotional response from your target consumer, causing them to act on your product or service. Idea Pro will provide content that matters to your target consumer. Idea Pro offers a uniquely high quality, conversational video that will position your business as a comfortable place to work with an absolute expert in your field. You’ll be presented as a true partner of your target consumer, not a vendor. Idea Pro can also produce an audio commercial for your business that compliments your video as a true partner.  Bottom line…. We’ll make your business MATTER!

Unique Team

The team is a unique combination of web designcreative messaging experience and talent that is unmatched. Our people have over 40 years of combined experience in marketing and messaging for numerous industries across the continent.  Our people think and act as advocates for your consumers, thus developing your website to connect with them personally. Impact to act!
Joshua Herbison President of Idea Pro LLC
Joshua Herbison
Founder & President
Dan Persigehl Messaging
Dan Persigehl
Your Message Is Important
Photographer, David Bell
David Bell
Showing your best side!
Director of Sales, Pat Bennett
Pat Bennett
Sales & Account Management

Unique Impact

Your site is customized to send a message to your consumers that you are the “go to” business for your product or service. It’s about differentiating your product or service from the competition.  It’s not complicated, but it is unique.Your business deserves the best, at a fraction of the cost of the average web designer. Welcome to Idea Pro!
The Idea Pro Media Business Solution is SIMPLY THE BEST!

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